You Have To Watch This Absolute Trainwreck Of An Interview With This Victorian Liberal Candidate

See if you can spot the moment where he realises he has no idea what he's talking about.

Michael Lamb, Liberal candidate in the Victorian election, in a trainwreck interview

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There are trainwrecks, and then there are trainwrecks. And trust me, this interview with Michael Lamb, Liberal candidate for Frankston in this weekend’s Victorian election, is definitely in the second category.

Lamb, a veteran cop, is hoping to pip Labor MP Paul Edbrooke, who holds the marginal seat in Melbourne’s south east by just 0.5 percent. But I reckon he might have put a dent in his chances after sitting down with Sky News political editor David Speers and making an absolute A-grade muppet of himself.

Asked about his party’s plan to build a new power station, Lamb told Speers it would be paid for “by the private sector”. The exchange that followed was… I mean, let me just give you a snippet.

Lamb: We’ll tender to the sector, whatever the markets decides, we’ll tender out.

Speers: Well they can do that already can’t they? The private sector can build a power station if they want?

Lamb: Well, they haven’t been allowed to under this government.

Speers: Haven’t been allowed to…?

Lamb: Build a power station

Speers: Well there’s all sorts of renewables and wind power… what are you saying?

Lamb: Whatever is the most reliable and affordable, the market will determine that.

Speers: But that’s what I’m saying. The market determines that every day, don’t they. What are you saying you’d do differently?

Lamb: The tender process will be building a power station.

Speers: But a tender process for what?

Lamb: The lowest based power.

Speers: So the taxpayer would fund-

Lamb: No no, it’s private industry.

Speers: But they can do that already.

Lamb: Well they haven’t

Speers: So what will the government do?

Lamb: We’ll allow them to do it.

Speers: But with their own money.

Lamb: Yes

Speers: But they’re allowed to do that now.

Aaaaaand it goes on like this. For two and a half agonising minutes.

Watch the whole thing below.

The Victorian election will be held this Saturday, November 24.