JoJo Has Reworked Her Classic Tune ‘Leave (Get Out)’ For The Coronavirus Crisis

"So you're gonna learn how, to cook now, and practice good hygiene."

jojo coronavirus photo

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Everyone is spending a lot of time inside their homes right now, with the continuing spread of the coronavirus across the world causing us all to practice some serious social distancing.

Luckily, we’re all in the same boat, and everyone from TikTok teens to Grammy Award-winning artists are flooding the internet with inventive ways to keep us amused. Into the fray enters JoJo.

The American singer used her time under lockdown to rework her classic 2004 pop track ‘Leave (Get Out)’ to make it more appropriate in the era of coronavirus — and yep, even with the new overarching health warnings, it still slaps.

“I never thought corona, could be such a nasty bitch,” JoJo sings, slapping her hands on her dining table to add some percussion. “But now that she’s here/Boy all I want/Is for you to use common sense.” 

And as for the chorus: “Stay in/Right now/Do it for humanity/I’m deadass/About that/But we will survive.” 

Sensible health advice wrapped in a banger? Excellent scenes. Watch the full video below.