Donald Trump Is Mad At Alec Baldwin For Mocking His Twitter Use On ‘SNL’, So He Tweeted About It

The snake eats its own tail.

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Alec Baldwin has made another appearance as Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live, and once again Donald Trump is less than happy about it. In his second stint in fake tan since the billionaire nabbed the Presidency through a mix of populist rhetoric, misinformation and good old fashioned fear-mongering, Baldwin stopped by SNL to poke fun at, among other things, Trump’s unhealthy fixation with Twitter.

In the five minute sketch that opened this week’s episode, Baldwin’s Trump is seen surfing social media and retweeting people in the middle of a national security briefing. “North Korea is still doing nuclear tests” warns an advisor. “Should I text them?” Trump asks in reply.

Another advisor, played by Kate McKinnon, explains that Trump uses Twitter “to distract the media from his business conflicts and all the various scary people in his cabinet.”

“Actually, that’s not why I do it,” responds Trump. “I do it because my brain is bad.”

So how did Trump – the real Trump, not the fake one – respond to Saturday Night Live making fun of his obsessive Twitter use, you ask? I think you know the answer to that.

I’d suggest someone explain the concept of irony to Trump, but I’m not sure they’d be able to get it down to 140 characters or less. Incidentally, you can’t tell from reading this, but I am slamming my head against my desk right now. This man is about to be President. This man.