A Sydney Yoga Studio Compared Fully Vaxxed Freedoms To Segregation

Yoga Vaccination

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A Sydney yoga studio and wholefoods cafe has sparked outrage after comparing the state’s vaccination roadmap to “segregation”.

Egg Of The Universe, which operates in the inner-city and inner west, shared a statement via email, Instagram, and Facebook on Tuesday announcing they wouldn’t reopen until December, when people who are not vaccinated are allowed to go in.

“Over 15 years we have always had community as our foremost value, and it is at the centre of all we do,” co-founders Bryony and Harry Lancaster wrote in a since-deleted post.

“Segregation of this community, of any kind, for any amount of time therefore does not align with who and what we are”. They continued on to say it was “unethical” to reopen and exclude people based on their “personal medical choices”. The majority of the state — a whopping 70 percent of over-16s at the time of writing — is fully vaccinated.

“I don’t really care if these Yogis want to treat COVID by injecting their eyeballs with kombucha,” journalist Antoinette Lattouf said about Egg Of The Universe on Twitter. “But I have a problem with trying to draw discrimination/segregation parallels when this is not a human rights issue. It’s a privileged brat and public health issue.”

The suburbs their two studios are based in are 70-79 percent fully vaxxed in Balmain, and 60-69 percent in South Eveleigh as of October 4. NSW businesses are set to reopen this coming Monday October 11, with exercise facilities allowing fully vaccinated patrons allowed to use their services after three months of stay-at-home orders.

— Update: Thursday October 8 5pm 

Statement from Bryony Lancaster:

Small businesses, including ours, are under enormous pressure to navigate public policy while catering to our diverse customer base. We are all, as a society, under immense pressure and facing challenges we have never seen before because of the pandemic. 

In a post earlier this week we used words and terms that were inappropriate in the context of vaccine mandates. We are sorry and we shouldn’t have said this, and for that reason we removed the post. We should have chosen our words better. 

The vast majority of our staff are fully vaccinated or booked in for their vaccination which mirrors the NSW statewide vaccination figures. We have always abided by the health rules set in place by the NSW Government, and this has not changed.  

Our focus is on re-opening and providing a supportive and loving space for our beautiful community. 

We look forward to seeing your smiling faces as we overcome the upheaval of the last 18 months.