People On Twitter Are Sharing Their Most “Surreal” Celebrity Encounters

"Alanis Morissette once stole the bun I was trying to pick up in a communal lunch buffet line"

Celebrity encounters

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Television writer Mark De Angelis asked “What’s your most surreal celeb encounter?” on Twitter, and people are offering up the goods. 

I don’t care who you are, or what you pretend, we absolutely all love to hear stories about celebrity encounters. Especially if they are weird or unusual in some way. Luckily for everyone who loves a bit of gossip, writer Mark De Angelis posed a question on Twitter, asking for people’s most surreal or weird celeb encounters.

A lot of the stories include movies and/or parties. I guess that’s where the celebs are!

And some are stories of unexpectedly coming face to face with a celeb.

Sometimes literally.

And some involve the every day awkward interactions we have with other people, except this time the other person is famous.

There’s also some good old-fashioned perving encounters.

And some are truly, actually, surreal.

So there you go, we can all hope that maybe one day we too can have a weird or awkward encounter with someone famous.