Tony Abbott Wearing Speed Dealer Sunnies Is Proof Australian Politics Is Just Beyond Ridiculous Now

txt ur m8s, see who's keen

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First thing’s first: this post will be much more fun to read if you chuck this on.

This morning Tony Abbott went to a timber yard in Melbourne to do one of those awful staged press conferences where a politician puts on a hi-ves vest and makes dreadful banter with tradies to play at being a Real Person. At some point a timber worker asked to get a selfie with the PM wearing his sunnies, and Abbott obliged. The Age‘s Richard Willingham captured the moment Tony Abbott went from “beleaguered politician” to “420 Speed Dealer Supremacists page admin,” and it’s fucking magnificent.

Sometimes, trawling through other people’s Tweets to find the best takes on a dumb internet thing is more than my profession — sometimes it’s a Goddamn privilege. This is one of those times.

*gurning intensifies*

Then everyone got invited to the party, because why the fuck not at this point.

Oldm8 who owns the sunnies even uploaded the original selfie to Facebook, and in the process established himself as a bona fide national hero.


First Christopher Pyne calls Anthony Albanese a c*nt on morning TV, and now this. What a wonderful country.

Feature image via Richard Willingham/Twitter.