Jeff Lowe From ‘Tiger King’ Tried To Do A Reddit AMA And Got Mercilessly Roasted

"As a senior citizen, why do you dress yourself like an anthropomorphised can of Monster Energy?"

Tiger king jeff lowe reddit ama

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It’s hard not to know anything about the Netflix smash-hit, Tiger King. 

Detailing the story of Joe Exotic and his journey from exotic cat breeder and zoo owner to convicted felon, Tiger King enthralled viewers when it came out just one month ago.

In seven short episodes, the docu-series showed all the moments that led to Joe Exotic hiring a hitman to take out an animal rights activist. In that time, we were introduced to a number of wacky characters who all played a part in Joe’s journey.

Of course, there was Joe Exotic’s main nemesis, the flower-crown wearing, cat-rescuing, Floridian Carole Baskin. We also met Doc Antle, the big cat breeder with a harem of young wives, who Joe looked up to in the zoo world. And one of the biggest players in the series was Jeff Lowe, the businessman who used big cat cubs to impress women for sex and ended up taking ownership over the G.W Zoo.

While initially promising to help Joe Exotic out with the financial issues caused by the lawsuits with Carole Baskin, Jeff Lowe ended up betraying the gay, gun-loving cowboy. Once ownership of the zoo was signed over to him, Lowe became a police informant who helped put Joe behind bars.

Following the success of Tiger King, considering he can no longer smuggle tiger cubs in suitcases to Vegas, Jeff Lowe used his new-found fame to try and make a little extra money on the side. Using Cameo, a popular video app that allows fans to buy personalised messages from celebrities, Lowe charges $235 AUD per recording.

With only 34 people purchasing personalised videos so far, Lowe decided to boost his bank balance by doing a Cameo-sponsored Reddit AMA. As expected, the questions fired at Jeff Lowe were focused on one thing and one thing only: Dragging the fuck out of him.

It should be said that some did use the opportunity to ask genuine questions. One person got confirmation that the popular “Jeff Lowe was Carole Baskin’s first husband”conspiracy theory was false. While another found out that the people on the show all felt lied to because the producers of the Tiger King “misrepresented the show to everyone”.

But for the most part, the questions — which were obviously left unanswered — were brutal and plentiful.

“Hey Jeff, big fan. I’m just curious that in a show featuring a woman who fed her husband to tigers, a sociopathic abuser who tried to have her killed, a walking ponytail with a tiger sex harem, and a murderous drug kingpin, how do you manage to come off as the biggest asshole?,” one person asked.

“I have two questions for you: 1) Why do you dress like Limp Bizkit’s creepy douchebag roadie? And 2) Why do you always have the self-satisfied grin of a man who just got away with farting very quietly? Please answer immediately,” queried another.

As the AMA continued, the badgering about Lowe’s questionable morals and terrible fashion sense continued to pour in.

“What’s your monthly budget for bedazzled jeans? Is your wallet on a chain? How many cubic kilometres of Axe body spray do you go through in a fiscal year?”

Others used the opportunity to find answers about Jeff’s age not correlating to his clothing choices in any way. “Why do you dress like a high school weed dealer? Aren’t you pushing 60?,” asked one person. “Why do you dress like you went through a midlife crisis 10 years ago, and just got stuck there?,” said another.

But none summed up the energy of the Jeff Lowe AMA more than this question right here: “As a senior citizen, why do you dress yourself like an anthropomorphised can of Monster Energy?”

Savage, but deserved.

You can read the full Jeff Lowe AMA thread here and stream ‘Tiger King’ on Netflix.