‘These Thems’ Is A Wholesomely Raucous Ode To Discovering Your Queerness As An Adult

'These Thems' unravels in a quickfire parade of queer discovery, allyship, and community building through friendship.


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“I can’t be gay! I’m 30!”

Available On-Demand and in cinemas via Mardi Gras Film Festival, These Thems is a seven-part queer comedy series following two friends whose lives change forever after a visit to the gynaecologist.

The mini-series follows thirty-year-old Gretchen. After she realises she might be a lesbian, is taken under the wing of non-binary “straight whisperer” Vero, who’s recently discovered their ability to explain gender and sexuality to even the most oblivious cis-gendered heterosexual person.

Over 7, ten-minute episodes, These Thems unravels in a quickfire parade of queer discovery, allyship, and community building through friendship. Filmed with bright vibrant cinematography perfectly suited to the unashamedly queer cast of New Yorkers at its heart. Not only is there non-binary straight whisperer Vero, and newfound self-ascribed queer femme Gretchen. There’s also Gretchen’s disastrously kinky gay roommate, Kevin and Vero’s best friend, Asher struggling to come out to his co-workers as a trans man in a cool relatable way.

From navigating the complex basket case of emotions that come with bringing your first queer one-night-stand a box of bagels, to figuring out what label actually fits you, to almost sabotaging your straight friend’s baby shower with a lecture about the gender binary – These Thems covers a heck of a lot of ground in about 80 minutes.

The series doesn’t just focus on the well-intentioned friction between those in the queer community and those outside it either. Scenes that follow Kevin discovering his crush, Asher is a transman and his subsequent purchasing of a whole book entitled ‘So You Want To Date A Trans Person,’ or even the numerous times Vero must correct people (both queer and otherwise) on their pronouns comically calls-out underlying transphobia among cisgender gay people in the LGBTQ+ community.

These Thems‘ strengths in rangling the more nuanced elements of life in the queer community without assigning blame or shame are undoubtedly attributed to the entirely LGBTQ+ creative team behind the series. It’s a small, but a powerful team including queer writer-creator Gretchen Wylder and trans director, Jett Garrison, as well as ​non-binary producer, Sophia Clark.

It’s terrifying to realise you’re queer at any age, even and especially as a fully grown adult. These Thems doesn’t say away from that terror but soothes it with the chaotic reality that there’s a community of loving people waiting to welcome you with arms and minds (and legs) wide open.

Stream These Thems as part of the Mardi Gars Film Festival here.

Merryana Salem is a proud Wonnarua and Lebanese–Australian writer, critic, teacher, researcher and podcaster on most social media as @akajustmerry. If you want, check out her podcast, GayV Club where she gushes about LGBT rep in media with her best friend. Either way, she hopes you ate something nice today.