So, Everyone Is Freaking Out Over That ‘Succession’ Episode

Roy siblings Kendal, Roman, and Shiv hug in a still from the latest episode of 'Succession'.

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After a slow opening for the latest season of HBO’s prestige family drama Succession, the latest episode has completely upended the fragile world the Roy siblings have struggled to build in the shadow of their father.

Premiering with a perfect IMDb rating, a feat only ever accomplished by the penultimate Breaking Bad episode ‘Ozymandias’, the latest episode of Season 4 has fully engrossed critics and fans alike. It was an hour of TV that easily rivals the best that The Last Of Us offered this year. Here’s why everyone’s so excited:

Warning: spoilers for the latest episode of Succession await below! 

Three Weddings And A Funeral

Succession fans are probably familiar with how Roy weddings usually go. Nuptial events in previous seasons have included heart-wrenching betrayals and vehicular manslaughter and this latest episode — innocently named ‘Connor’s Wedding’ — was no different. TLDR: As Connor (Alan Ruck) busily prepares for his shaky wedding to Willa and the rebel alliance of Roman (Kieran Culkin), Kendall (Jeremy Strong), and Shiv (Sarah Snook) hastily try to maximise their individual profits from the looming sale of Waystar, Logan (Brian Cox) carks it.

Arriving not with a bang but a whimper, Logan’s death takes place amongst his least favourite corporate aids on a private flight to Stockholm. After Shiv nonchalantly screens several panicked calls from Tom, Roman is the first family member to discover that their problematic patriarch is preparing to shuffle off this mortal coil following a suspected heart attack mid-air. Suddenly presented with the task of giving an unconscious Logan words of support over speaker phone, neither Kendall nor Roman can summon much in the way of support.

“You’re a good man” Roman croaks between umms and ahhs.

“I can’t forgive you,” Kendal solemnly declares, before conceding, “but it’s okay, and I love you”.

While Logan’s family are barely processing the news, Waystar’s corporate spooks begin to quickly move into action. Karolina, who had witnessed Logan order the dismissal of fellow senior female executives Gerri and Cyd only hours earlier, quickly begins formulating the company’s response as the efforts to revive Logan gradually cease in the cabin next door. We’re treated to some truly great gallows humour at the expense of Logan’s personal assistant Kerry, whose visible trauma from watching her boss/billionaire lover die is likened to being hit with a “foul ball at Yankee Stadium” by Tom. Karl’s response to whether the company should inform their prospective Swedish business partner Lukas Matsson of a “delay” is Peep Show humour at it’s finest.

“I Can’t Have That”: Sarah Snook Steals The Show

Back on the grief boat, Kendall is tasked with breaking the dire news to a blissfully unaware Shiv. In a scene that will resonate with absolutely anyone who has had to break bad news to a loved one, Kendall’s search for his sister among the throng of wedding guests feels like an eternity.

Shiv’s first reaction to the news is equal parts grief and shock.

“I can’t have that!” she blurts out while in the arms of her siblings, as Snook superbly conveys grief’s power to revert grown adults back into toddlers. Later, Connor is the epitome of pure shock as he realises… “I never got to chance to make him proud of me”.

But while Logan’s children’s reactions to his passing will be commemorated with accolades this award season — with a grassroots campaign mounting on Twitter to prematurely award Snook an Emmy — it’s the reaction of Logan’s personal bodyguard Colin that encapsulates why we’re all so heavily invested in a series about horrible people fighting.

Where Do We Go From Here?

With Logan’s death set to overshadow the rest of the season, an all-out brawl between the Roy siblings and Waystar corporate for control of the company seems very likely, as the prospect of a business merger rapidly diminishes.

Perhaps the best eulogy Logan will ever receive is delivered by Roman, who points simply points to the rapid decline of Waystar stock and declares “that’s dad”.