Infamous One Nation Dickhead Steve Dickson Resigns Over Leaked Strip Club Footage

His resignation statement contained a very unfortunate typo.

Steve Dickson resigns following strip club video leak

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One Nation Queensland leader Steve Dickson has done what all good One Nation candidates do and resigned in disgrace.

Dickson handed in his resignation to party leader Pauline Hanson on Monday, after footage emerged of him groping a woman and making misogynistic comments at a strip club in Washington DC. The video was taken by an undercover journalist working for Al Jazeera as part of their investigation into links between One Nation and the US gun lobby, and was aired on Channel Nine’s A Current Affair on Monday night.

Dickson can be seen in the video groping a dancer and saying that “white women fuck a whole lot better” and that Asian women don’t “know what they’re doing”. He also calls one dancer a “bitch” and asks another to “slide your hand on my dick”.

In a statement released on Monday, Dickson said he was “deeply remorseful” for his actions.

“The footage shown does not reflect the person I am,” he said. “It shows a person who was drunk and not in control of his actions and I take full responsibility for allowing that to happen.”

For what it’s worth, that’s the same excuse he used when he was videoed talking about wanting to solicit $20 million in donations from the National Rifle Association.

Hanson confirmed that she had accepted Dickson’s resignation. “Steve’s language and behaviour was unacceptable and does not meet my expectations, nor the greater public’s expectation, of a person who is standing for public office,” she said.

Following his resignation, Dickson asked for the media to respect his privacy as he was no longer a “pubic” figure. Which, I think we can all agree, is a fairly unfortunate typo.

Dickson joins a long line of One Nation candidates to resign after public scandals, which have ranged from seemingly claiming the Port Arthur massacre was a host to posting homophobic remarks on Facebook to allegedly threatening to murder someone.

Al Jazeera says the footage was broadcast by Nine without its consent.