Our Hero The Naked Philanthropist Just Savagely Shut Down The Kent State Gun Girl

"Don't ever come for me again poo poo bitch."

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Kaitlin Bennett, aka Kent State Gun Girl, has recently been trending for all of her interviews going wrong.

Gun Girl is a far-right gun advocate who went viral in 2018 for her #CampusCarryNow campaign and questionable graduation photos. Kaitlin posed for her grad photos with an AR-10 rifle to contest Kent State’s rules regarding gun regulation on campus.

Since then, Kaitlin has built a career on her controversial opinions and voices them in interviews that aim to rile up the public. Recently, her opinions have caught the attention of Twitter, with people sharing clips of interviews where Gun Girl gets owned or just makes herself look bad.

Kaitlin’s controversial opinions often centre around the topics of gender, abortion, and, of course, gun laws. Basically, Gun Girl interviews people in the hopes of baiting an angry reaction, simply so she can flash the fact that she carries at all times. She also does this so that she can continue to fuel the idea of the irrational, angry left to her hard right audience.

#DonationsForNudes Girl Vs Gun Girl

As more and more videos of Gun Girl have found their way on Twitter, people have begun to voice this discontent with her interviews and general existence.

However, Kaylen Ward took her hatred of Kaitlin Bennett to a new level. Kaylen Ward, or The Naked Philanthropist as she’s otherwise known, is the 20-year-old sex worker who managed to raise over a million dollars for bushfire relief through selling nude photos.

Kaylen, in a now-deleted tweet said: “Should I start a campaign to go beat up that one gun-slinging pigtail bitch… I will do it if y’all pay for my lawyers.” The tweet was followed by another that read: “I volunteer my white privilege for a good cause and that is to throw hands on Kaitlin Bennett.”

After seeing the tweet, Gun Girl replied, instead suggesting that Kaylen “should start a campaign to get yourself some clothes and therapy, whore”.

Kaylen then went in on Kaitlin in a tweet that has been deleted for allegedly “violating Twitter rules.” Luckily, the tweet stayed up long enough for people to screenshot the response and marvel over the sheer beauty of the reply.

The Naked Philanthropist fired shot after shot at Kaitlin and said: “You’re an un-potty trained, transphobic, homophobic, clinically insane, racist bitch who harassed people but carries a gun because you’re scared… and you think calling me a whore will get you brownie points? Sit down, you redneck-ass bitch.”

“I raised millions of dollars to help people and all you’ve done is shit your pants and bully people,” Kaylen continued. “Don’t ever come for me again poo poo bitch.”

The poo comments are in reference to the long-running joke and rumour that Kaitlin Bennett shit herself at a frat part. People online allege that a photo of a girl passed out on the floor with feces running down her leg looks eerily similar to Kaitlin Bennett. Despite Kaitlin vehemently denying the claims, “poopy gun girl” has been permanently stuck to Gun Girl’s image.

As for Kaylen’s other claims of transphobia, homophobia and racism, these are simply things people have picked up on from Gun Girl’s very lengthy catalogue of far-right videos online.

Is This Exactly What Gun Girl Wants?

In response pair’s exchange, people begun pointing out the hypocrisy in Kaitlin’s call for Kaylen to cover up more. This is because one of Kaitlin’s more memorable gun-related photoshoots literally features her wearing a nude bodysuit.

However the majority of people started to notice that perhaps we’ve all been doing exactly what Kaitlin has wanted all along. In hating Kaitlin, people have been giving her a bigger platform and more engagement on her content which has led to new opportunities and jobs.

After the exchange, Kaitlin proved this exact point by sharing that she was actually being given a tour of the White House while “everyone on Twitter was hating on me”.

But Kaylen obviously had something to say on that too, tweeting in response: “Can someone get this girl a stylist, makeup artist, hairdresser and a nail tech.”