Scott Morrison Reckons That Australia Is “Overachieving” On Climate Change

He also says there is "no credible scientific evidence" cutting our emissions would impact the bushfires.

climate change

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Not to worry, Australia: our country is an “overachiever” on climate change action, according to Scott Morrison.

He also says there is “no credible scientific evidence” that cutting our emissions would have impacted on our current bushfire season.

Good to know we can all relax.

The Prime Minister made the comments on the ABC’s AM program, as millions of people across the east coast woke up to thick smoke blanketing their towns.

“If anything, Australia is an overachiever on our commitments,” he told presenter Sabra Lane.

As evidence, he highlighted our Kyoto targets, which were set as part of an international agreement to reduce emissions. But using these targets to highlight the “great work Australia is doing” is ironic, considering they’ve been criticised for being unambitious at best.

Morrison did go on to acknowledge that climate change is making our problems worse … while still somehow being in denial about our role in it.

“The contribution of these issues to global weather conditions and to conditions here in Australia are known and acknowledged,” he said. “Climate change is a global phenomenon and we’re doing our bit as part of the response to climate change.”

“I think to suggest with just 1.3% of global emissions that Australia doing something differently, something more or less, would have changed the fire outcome this season, I don’t think that stands up to any credible scientific evidence at all.”

Government figures show our carbon emissions continue to rise.

Oh, and Morrison also said he didn’t meet the 23 former fire chiefs who wanted to discuss climate change, because the government already knew how bad the upcoming fire season would be, and had been preparing.