Scott Morrison’s Homemade Curry Looks Like Shit

"How the f**k is it that colour? Did you forget turmeric? And paprika? And chilli? We're looking at raw chicken and yoghurt."

Scott Morrison Curry

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Scott Morrison has shared another of his infamous curry dishes, but much to the horror of his followers, his latest experiment appears to feature undercooked chicken.

The Prime Minister posted a picture of his dinner on Sunday of a brinjal curry — a Sri Lankan dish made with tamarind, eggplant, and okra — alongside a “classic chicken korma”.

“Nice to have a night at home. So curry it is,” he said. “Strong Curry. Strong Economy. Stronger Future.”

It might be easy enough to overlook the pale, curdled korma base, and the choice to garnish it with fresh, not fried, curry leaves, but no one has been able to see past the pink fleshy chook chunk peeping out of the sauce.

His family dinner was also weaved into his election campaign the day prior as a weird, coded political point. Armed with a hessian tote, Morrison took to the markets in Queensland on Saturday “pretending to shop”, according to The Guardian.

“I like to cook,” he said. “That and swimming. Keeps me sane.” He told reporters at the time he was planning a veggie curry for his two daughters and wife Jenny, chucking in galangal, shallots, pomegranate, and fresh turmeric into a basket in front of the cameras.

“The more I think about this, the angrier I am,” said writer Zoë Victoria on Twitter, pointing out “his attempts to buy Brown votes with his subpar curries”.

It’s a sentiment that also dominated the Facebook comments on his post, with many drawing attention to how he is cooking a Sri Lankan dish, while his government continues to deny the Tamil Murugappan family the ability to return to their community in Biloela, Queensland.

Labor was quick to jump in and address cost of living woes — including household groceries — as the Reserve Bank plans to raise interest rates this week. “What he won’t tell you is that curries, like everything else, are just getting more and more expensive because of the record price rises under his government,” the party said.