Here’s The First Look At The ‘Roseanne’ Reboot And I Have So Many Questions

Is Dan still dead? What will they do with The Two Beckys?


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Every time I think I’m done with the unnecessary reboots of shows we all loved as kids, they somehow pull me back in. “They”, in this sense, is TV executives, I guess. And the unnecessary reboot in question is the classic 90s sitcom, Roseanne.

Man, Roseanne was a good show. A sitcom centred on a strong woman, that tackles issues around class and feminism, all while managing to be an incredibly funny, ratings juggernaut? Hook it to my veins.

The show won a bunch of awards in its original run, including Emmys for the show’s lead, Roseanne Barr and her supporting co-star, Laurie Metcalfe (Jackie), as well as Golden Globes for Barr, John Goodman and the Golden Globe for best musical or comedy in 1993.

But then there was that final season, and that finale. If you don’t remember, the show’s final episode revealed that much of what had happened throughout season 9 was made up by Roseanne, who was writing elements of her life into a semi-fictional book.

The family hadn’t won the lottery, Dan (Goodman, who was off filing The Big Lebowski) had been dead all along, Jackie (not Bev) was gay, Mark and Darlene were actually a couple, as were Becky and David. It was a mess, and was widely panned as a sad end to a great series.

Thankfully (?) there’s a reboot on the way to set things right. The first few teaser trailers have now dropped, and there are finally answers to some big questions, like, is Dan really dead?

Well, no. Here’s the first trailer. As you can see, Dan is very much alive and on the couch where he belongs.

It looks like Roseanne will follow in the footsteps of Will & Grace by basically pretending the finale never happened, which is good. The teasers even poke fun at the finale by having Roseanne get mad at Dan for hanging onto the past.

The other burning question about the reboot is how the show will handle ~The Two Beckys~. You may remember that in season 6 of the show, Lecy Goranson, who originally played Becky, was replaced by Sarah Chalke (who went on to play Eliot in Scrubs).

Showrunners have decided to bring both actresses back for the reboot, with Chalke taking on a new role as a woman who needs Goransen to act as a surrogate for her. We also know that Johnny Galecki (of Big Bang Theory fame) will be reprising his role as David.

Other stars returning for the show include Metcalfe, Sara Gilbert (Darlene), Michael Fishman (D.J.) and Sandra Bernhard in her iconic role as Nancy.

The new series of Roseanne will premiere with an hour-long episode in March.

You Can Watch The Other Teaser Trailers Here