Rose McGowan’s Twitter Has Been Suspended And, Boy, People Are Mad

Don't mess with the #ROSEARMY.

Rose McGowan

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Rose McGowan, who has been leading a revolt against the Hollywood elites since the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault scandal broke, has had her Twitter account limited for 12 hours. McGowan has been using the social media platform to mobilise her #ROSEARMY against those people she perceives as enabling and covering up Weinstein’s alleged sexual misconduct, including Ben Affleck, Bob Weinstein and Casey Affleck.

McGowan’s account was limited by Twitter for allegedly violating its community standards, she said in an Instagram post. “THERE ARE POWERFUL FORCES AT WORK. BE MY VOICE. #ROSEARMY,” she wrote on Insta. Girl will just not give in and I am here for her fire.


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McGowan has spent the week absolutely stirring shit on Twitter, in a really powerful and also deeply satisfying way. McGowan settled her own complaint against Weinstein in 1997, and now she’s coming for those people she believes colluded to keep Weinstein from consequences for his alleged actions.

One person she has gone after (in a totally delightful, delicious way imo) is Ben Afflect. She tweeted “Ben Affleck fuck off” earlier this week, and it was the shot heard ’round the Twittersphere.

She also smartly stepped in to protect Lindsay Lohan, when the former child star defended Weinstein in an Instagram story.

Twitter has declined to give any further information on why it has temporarily limited McGowan’s Twitter account. A spokesperson for Twitter AU told Junkee, “We don’t comment on individual accounts for privacy and security reasons.” But in its notification to McGowan, Twitter suggested she can delete the offending tweets (whichever they are… ) if she wishes to return to the site earlier than the twelve-hour ban.

Needless to say, Twitter’s #ROSEARMY is not pleased with this recent development.

Like, sure, McGowan is gung bloody ho, but let’s not go around punishing women for speaking out against abuse, especially when there are certain other people allowed to remain on Twitter in flagrant violation of the site’s community standards.