Fans Are Horrified By Leaked Script For The Live Action ‘Powerpuff Girls’ Reboot

Petition to stop all live-action reboots forever?


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About a year ago, a live-action Powerpuff Girls reboot was announced that would rejoin our favourite tiny crime-fighting girls struggling through their early 20s. The pitch was… intriguing, but after the official script for the pilot leaked, the CW has decided to rework the entire show and it’s not tough to see why.

This live-action reboot titled Powerpuff stars Chloe Bennet as Blossom, Dove Cameron as Bubbles, Yana Perrault as Buttercup and Donald Faison as their dad, Professor Utonium. Back when it was announced in 2020, the synopsis pitched a bittersweet continuation of the original cartoon run many of us grew up with. The official synopsis read:

“In the live-action update from Warner Bros. TV, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup used to be America’s pint-sized superheroes. Now, they’re disillusioned twentysomethings who resent having lost their childhoods to crimefighting. When the world needs them more than ever, will they agree to reunite?”

This, and an official photo from the set, was everything that had been confirmed about the series until this week when the script for the series’ pilot episode was leaked online. While the CW didn’t directly address the leak, they did announce that the show would be delayed pending a major overhaul and rewrite. Excerpts and screenshots of the script are also being removed for copyright violations, prompting most to believe the leak was authentic.

And I’m forced to believe it because there is absolutely no way anyone could fabricate a script with a line of dialogue so utterly atrocious as “I’m not wearing that dress anymore. It’s compulsory heterosexuality,” or how about “Bloss! Wake up or we’ll leak your nudes everywhere!”

There’s also many-an-edgy references to the girls getting drunk, high and hungover. Not to mention cheating on their girlfriends and comparing their father to Elon Musk.

As if it’s not enough for the script to be objectively poorly written, it also takes a big old dump on the original series. In a monologue to Professor Utonium, Bubbles appears to confirm that the cartoon series was a whitewashed propaganda cartoon made without the girls’ consent. An interesting concept in theory, but in practice is an unnecessary degradation of Craig McCracken’s widely beloved cartoon.

Needless to say, the CW has made the right call in overhauling the reboot in this Powerpuff Girls fan’s opinion.