Oprah’s Face During The ‘Meghan And Harry’ Interview Has Now Become Its Own Perfect Meme

Oprah's reactions are the latest part of the interview to get the royal meme treatment.

Oprah's face meme meghan harry interview

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It’s been a real week for the royal family following Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s bombshell interview with Oprah causing waves across the world.

With the couple sitting down for their first interview since stepping away from their duties as senior royals, everyone suspected that the duke and duchess may reveal a new thing or two. However, none of us could’ve predicted just how much tea Meghan and Harry would spill during the two hour-long TV special.

You see, unlike most “tell-all” celebrity interviews, where one piece of new information is surrounded by hours of public-knowledge filler, Meghan and Harry made sure to give us a truckload of new info.

For example, we had Meghan drop that bomb that the royal family had a number of controversial conversations with Prince Harry concerning how “dark” Archie’s skin may be. Or there was the duchess finally setting the record straight that Kate Middleton was actually the one who made her cry in the lead up to the couple’s televised wedding, not the opposite that was reported by tabloids.

Amongst those shocked by the revelations was Oprah Winfrey, the woman responsible for the interview in question.

As Meghan moved from heavy topic to heavy topic, Oprah genuinely appeared to be shocked by what she was hearing, like when Meghan spoke about the discussions surrounding Archie’s skin colour.

While it was clear that Oprah had prepared some hot one-liners for the interview (*ahem* “Were you siLENT or were you siLENCED?”), her reactions of disgust, confusion, disbelief, and general awe appeared to come quite naturally.

As a result of these genuine reactions, Oprah’s face and one-liners throughout Oprah with Meghan and Harry have become the perfect meme, which is really no surprise. Despite the topics that Meghan and Harry touched on being quite heavy, there are just so many jokes one can make — and have made — from the mess that is the royal family.

But now people have decided to just focus in on Oprah specifically, by using screenshots to share the fake “unaired clips” from the bombshell interview, along with Oprah’s best reactions to make a whole lot of bonkers, but hilarious, memes.

Ah, Oprah with Meghan and Harry truly the gift that keeps on giving. Now we will patiently wait for Oprah to come and save Britney Spears next. Please.