NSW Police Are Now Using Lizzo Songs To Spread Copaganda On TikTok

For the love of God will NSW Police stop making TikTok videos?

nsw police tiktok

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I regret to inform you that I have found the absolute worst video on all of TikTok: NSW Police attempting the Lizzo ‘About Damn Time’ trend.

Apologies in advance for ruining your Friday before midday, but everything about this video is so damn awful that somebody needs to talk about it. There is just… a lot going on here in this youth-focused copaganda.

The video, dubbed with Lizzo’s ‘About Damn Time’ shows a cop in an awkwardly oversized police hat walking around the station with the caption “me every second of the day for the last week:”. Not to mention, the video features the hashtag #copsoftiktok, which is undisputedly the worst corner of the app.

@nswpolice Thanks for the banger @lizzo #nswpolice #copsoftiktok #fyp ♬ original sound – MUSIC

It’s no secret that the NSW Police have been trying to use TikTok to appeal to the youth for a while now, but judging by the plethora of comments calling them out for making videos instead of — you know — doing their jobs, or reforming the police system, it doesn’t appear to be working too well for them.

Social media users have been quick to call out the police force’s presence for being cringey and extremely weird.

Not to mention, NSW Police also blocked TikToker @easymoneyvancey for repeatedly dueting their videos with reports of police misconduct.

@easymoneyvancey They’ve blocked me… shock… tag them in the comments xx #nswpol #nswpolice #stopblackdeathsincustody #stopdv ♬ Fuck Tha Police – N.W.A.

So it looks like the NSW Police love to appeal to the youth on TikTok, but only until said youth tries to hold them accountable.

Anyway, rest in peace to the Lizzo ‘About Damn Time’ trend, which must officially be laid to rest after the NSW Police hammered the final nail into the coffin. Gone, but never forgotten.