The Trailer For Jordan Peele’s New Horror ‘NOPE’ Has Arrived And It Looks Completely Disturbing

Here we go again.


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Three years after he sufficiently disturbed the world with Us, Oscar-winning director Jordan Peele teases terror in the trailer for his latest horror feature, NOPE.

It’s been a few years since cinema-goers were treated to a bonafide directed-by-Jordan Peele fear-inspiring feature. Peele has hardly been idle though co-writing Nia DeCosta’s 2021 reboot of Candyman, as well as co-producing the Emmy award-winning horror series, Lovecraft Country. But Peele is back in the director’s chair and things are about to get masterfully unsettling.

Starring Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead, Mayhem), Keke Palmer (Hustlers, Alice) and Get Out leading man, Daniel Kaluuya — the exact premise of NOPE is a mystery for now. The enigmatic trailer shows an otherworldly invasion unfolding on an isolated Black-owned film set.

Where Get Out and Us subjected viewers to the too-Earthly horrors of bodysnatchers and doppelgangers, NOPE appears to be dealing with an unearthly extra-terrestrial threat.

Also, if you’re wondering why that eerie as hell track playing in the trailer sounds so familiar, that’s Stevie Wonder’s ‘Fingertips’. Like the trailer for Us‘ creepy rendition of ‘Got 5 on It’ by Luniz, Peele continues a knack for making absolute bangers seem like harbingers of abject terror. Consistency, we love to see it.

Peele first revealed NOPE would be his next project with an ominous movie poster on July 22, 2021. The film’s confirmed release date is July 22, 2022, exactly a year later. You can watch the trailer below below.