Did Nicki Minaj Actually Win The Grammy?

nicki minaj 2024 grammys

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There was drama unfolding at the 2024 66th Grammy Awards before the official ceremony even began. Of course, Nicki Minaj was involved. 

During the Premiere Ceremony (the one just before the main ceremony), Killer Mike won the Grammy for Best Rap Song, Best Rap Performance, and Best Rap Album. Sure, it’s an impressive feat to sweep three categories at any award show but what’s that got to do with Nicki? Well, Killer Mike’s ‘SCIENTISTS & ENGINEERS’ was nominated for Best Rap Song against Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice’s ‘Barbie World’. In the live ceremony, Killer Mike was announced as the winner however the official Grammys X account posted that Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice had won the award. Yikes. I’m getting La La Land flashbacks.

Of course, Nicki’s legion of feared fans, the Barbz, immediately saw a conspiracy. You see,  Nicki did in fact win the Grammy, but it was changed last minute because of her recent unhinged behaviour — bullying, harassing, and trying to tear Megan Thee Stallion down. 

The debacle does raise the question of how the Grammys could have gotten this so wrong? Wouldn’t they have drafted all the winners posts and just set them live as they were announced? It’s a big blunder for sure, but conspiracy? Also, would an artist’s behaviour really be grounds for changing the winner at the last minute? I don’t know.

Mistake or not, people found the humour in the situation — mainly because Nicki’s been trying to discredit Megan’s achievements and standing in the industry. Not that it’s a measure of success, but Megan is a three-time Grammy winner and Nicki has now lost all of her 11 nominations. (I’m actually shocked that Doja Cat didn’t win for ‘Attention’ because that is a perfect song. But that’s not the conversation we’re having today.)

Some Barbz were upset that people were making fun of the situation but others thought Nicki had it coming.  

It’s really not been a good week for Nicki. 

In other, somewhat related news, Killer Mike was arrested and escorted out of the Grammys after winning his three awards. 

I have no proof but I feel like somehow the Barbz were behind this. 

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