New Viral AI Software DALL-E Brings To Life Your Wildest, Most Chaotic Fever Dreams

Dall-E uses an advanced neural network to create chaotic images from user prompts, from 'Dracula in Ru-Paul' to 'R2-D2 being baptised'.

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Time and time again, the human imagination is bridled by the limits of our fleshy bodies.

Sick of trying and failing to capture the beauty of the morning sun in rhyming verse? Feel as though no pigment on earth can truly express your stance on cryptocurrency?

Well snap your brushes and slash your paintings folks! Thanks to incredible new A.I. technology, you can bring even your most obscure artistic conceptualisations to life with just a couple of word prompts.

DALL-E is a neural network that creates images from text captions, allowing you to instantly summon whatever your sick mind desires.

Ever wanted to see what Pikachu would look like as a pug? Voilà! 

The network allows for even broader prompts, allowing you to experiment with broader contexts as well.

Okay fine, so this algorithm is pretty advanced! But surely it falters when it comes to more complex prompts, say for example: a courtroom sketch of Snoopy being sued by US rapper Snoop Dogg. Oh my god.

Yeah, look there’s practically nothing this neural network can’t summon into being. To give it a crack yourself, you can head to DALL-E Mini and start experimenting. There’s also a great Twitter account dedicated to sharing some of the most bizarre user creations out there, such as this cracker ‘trail cam footage of James Corden eating human teeth’.

It’s worth noting that the technology is only in beta stages at the moment, with DALL-E 2 promising to bring 4k resolution to your nightmares in the near future. You can jump on the waitlist here.