Millennials Are Fed Up And Have Decided To Start Dragging Gen Z Right Back

Millennials giving Gen Z a taste of their own medicine? The world is finally balanced again.

Millennials Gen Z

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The intergenerational culture war between millennials and Gen Z just doesn’t ever seem to end.

Just as millennials have laughed at boomers for being old, zoomers set their sights on Gen Y in the last few weeks to inform us that, not only are we old in their eyes, but that everything that we love and hold dear is just so unbelievably uncool, too.

You see it all started last year, when the comment section of a zoomer’s TikTok was filled with Gen Z absolutely ragging on “millennial culture”, including our apparent affinity for the Harry Potter franchise, our obsession with BuzzFeed quizzes and how we all love using “drinking wine” as our main personality trait.

But then it got personal when Gen Z declared that side parts, the laughing emoji, and most painfully, skinny jeans, were three easy ways to tell if someone was an old-ass millennial.

Naturally, millennials took this attack to heart, so zoomers dug in deeper by declaring that there are actually a slew of things Gen Z hates about millennials.

For example, whenever millennials use the words “adulting” and “doggo”, the way we take selfies, the term “selfie”, us all collectively talking about pineapples on pizza non-stop, and how we say “I did a thing” when any of us, well, do anything.

But now millennials have had enough. Gen Y have turned the tables and have decided to point out all of Gen Z’s worst traits to even out the play field.

From their extremely dramatic view on life, to how they turn everything into an ~aesthetic~, to their serious distaste for any small child that has ever existed, Gen Z are finally getting a taste of their own medicine as millennials point out all the weird, questionable and downright uncool things zoomers do themselves.

But at the end of the day, just remember that every generation has their flaws. For millennials it may be skinny jeans and side parts, but at least it isn’t eating Tide Pods, right?