It Was Miley’s Night

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Miley Cyrus has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I spent almost every afternoon growing up watching Hannah Montana (and Hannah Montana Forever) and now I’ve just watched her win her first two Grammys. 

It was an undeniably massive night for Miley. Four outfit changes, the live performance of her song ‘Flowers’ (for only the second time), and winning her first two Grammy Awards for Best Pop Solo Performance and Record of the Year. Yeah, this is Miley Cyrus’ moment. A moment made all the more special because of all that we’ve seen Miley go through in her career, especially some very harsh criticism. Starting as a child actress (not always an auspicious beginning for a career), Miley has navigated the brutality of the industry for almost 15 years and now she’s finally a two-time Grammy winner. It’s about time she got her flowers (pun very much intended). 

And nothing could be more iconic than having your first Grammy announced by Mariah Carey and then your second by Meryl Streep. 

I would have the same reaction if the literal music legend Mariah Carey said my name. 

Not going to lie, I did get lost during Miley’s story about a boy catching butterflies in her first acceptance speech. I get the Mariah ‘Butterfly’ reference but Miley was really just up there saying words.

But can we just talk about her performance for a second? Miley is a natural-born performer and I will not hear any slander suggesting otherwise. 

This is the image of the night. 

Watching Miley snag two Grammys made me a bit emotional. It was a big night for all us Hannah Montana stans. 

I still haven’t recovered from Plastic Hearts not winning any Grammys but this makes it easier. 

She’s truly the people’s childhood star. 

I think what makes me love Miley Cyrus so much is because she’s always been herself — a total weirdo with a good sense of humour. 

I’m dying at the fact that Flavor Flav kept calling her Gwen Stefani. 

Well, we can all call her Grammy Winner now.

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Image: Getty