“Post Your Favourite Cups Instead”: An Aussie Band Kicked Off The Cutest Melbourne Cup Protest

These cups sure are a lot nicer than animal cruelty.

Cry Club are asking fans to post their favourite cups instead of supporting Melbourne Cup

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Melbourne punk duo Cry Club wish the Melbourne Cup didn’t exist. And while many of us might labour over convincing our colleagues or family why we don’t support an event that sees animals slaughtered for sport, they’ve decided to protest the event by encouraging people to post pictures of their favourite cups and mugs instead.

On Twitter, Cry Club began by posting a keep cup they were given by their girlfriend’s mum. While not the cutest cup, it seemingly has sentimental value, and definitely hasn’t launched anyone into crippling debt: we approve.

Wow, what a nice Mike Wazowski mug from Disneyland. Much better than whipping horses to make them go faster, or tying a horses’ tongue down while they race.

Triple j’s Good Nights host Bridget Hustwaite shared her collection of native flora and fauna-donned mugs, which remind her of her nan’s old collection. We particularly love the one of the blue fairy wren, as it is much prettier than the ad-hoc tents placed around a fallen horse on the race track, to allow for the punters to not get upset watching an animal die.

Take a sip of tea or coffee today and post a picture to Cry Club. This cup love-in is definitely the only cup we will be participating in today: why not join in? See some more cups below — and if you do decide to tackle those in your life supporting Melbourne Cup, here’s a run-down of how you can express why you’re against it.