Marilyn Manson And Justin Bieber Just Had The Most Public Beef Of 2017

Guess who called who "a piece of shit"?

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Before this week, we figured that Corey Taylor and Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger would take home the trophy for the Most Ridiculous Beef Of 2017. But now, it looks like they might have some solid competition.

In the space of a few days, Marilyn Manson and Justin Bieber have beefed and made up. Let’s catch you up: back in July of last year, Bieber got on the wrong side of the Antichrist Superstar by selling vintage Manson t-shirts with his own name splashed across them — claiming that Manson had given his blessing to “reinterpret” the design.

Now in a new interview with Consequence Of Sound, Manson has revealed that when the two eventually met in person at a bar and discussed the offending shirts, Bieber joked that he “made [Manson] relevant again”.

It, um, didn’t go down well.

“Bad mistake to say to me,” Manson told Consequence Of Sound. “He was a real piece of shit in the way he had the arrogance to say that. He was a real touchy-feely guy, too, like, ‘yo yo bro!’ and touches you when he’s talking. I’m like, ‘you need to stand down, you’re dick height on me, ok?’ [laughs] ‘Alright? So stand down son.’”

Bieber apparently saw the article and felt a tad sheepish. So he did what all millennials do to apologise: sent a bunch of text messages.

And thanks to Manson reading those messages out verbatim while appearing on talk show Howard Stern, we can now recreate exactly what happened in their text convo:

While we think that a Marilyn Manson/Justin Bieber collaboration has approximately zero chance of happening, it’s nice to know the two have made up.

You can hear Manson chat about the incident on Howard Stern below: