Hey Kevin Rudd, Let’s Settle This On The Handball Court

Former PM Kevin Rudd called us "a bunch of humourless, anti-handball narks [sic]". Let's settle this on the court.

Kevin Rudd handball

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Dear former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd,

Yesterday, we published an article about a recent video in which you claimed to be the undisputed “global handball king”. In that video, uploaded a few days ago, you announced that following your knee surgery you’re ready to re-enter the field of elite handball.

In response to this fantastic news, we paid tribute to your days of handball prowess, as depicted in an iconic video we’ll also include below.

While we approached the story as devoted fans of handball, it seems that our use of the word “bizarre” ruffled some feathers. Today, you published a response on your Facebook page making some serious allegations about us — I think the words you used were “Junkee are a bunch of humourless, anti-handball narks [sic]”.

You also called us an “utterly humourless mob”, for good measure.

As lifelong fans of handball, our editorial team cannot let this dog shot slide. In your original video, you mentioned that you’re now available for a handball championship game. We’d like to take you up on that offer.

Let’s settle this on the handball court. First to ’07 wins.

Kevin, the ball’s in your court. Get in touch.


Junkee Media