OK, Now It’s Really Over: Joe Biden And Kamala Harris Have Won The US Election


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Joe Biden’s election win has been officially confirmed, after two tight races in Pennsylvania and Arizona were called.

The two states sent Biden and Kamala Harris well past the 270 electoral college vote threshold to take the Oval Office.

Harris will be the first woman, Black person, and South Asian person to be Vice President.

Pennsylvania was called for Biden early on Sunday morning, after he gained an unbeatable lead in the state.

Trump was reportedly golfing when the announcement was made, and has refused to concede. He angrily repeated lies about voter fraud and winning the election in the hours following.

This ended a marathon vote-counting process, which dragged on for days amidst false claims of wining the election from the incumbent and uncertainty over who the victor would actually be.

Vox and Decision Desk HQ became the first to call the election for Biden on Friday night, but other outlets were more cautious.

The 2020 presidential race was marred by violence and misinformation, but following the announcement there has been widespread celebration.

The US now faces further challenges in the lead up to the inauguration in January, as Trump launches legal challenges disputing the validity of the results.