A Message From inthemix: It’s Time To Say Goodbye

Thanks for the memories.

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Today we’re officially closing a chapter on Australian music and media history.

As one of the oldest Australian new media companies, we have ridden the waves of change in media, technology and social over the past 18 years, and we know that the only constant part of these worlds is change. Evolution has always been in our DNA.

And so today we’re announcing the inthemix will be rebranded as Music Junkee.

Inthemix started at the turn of the millennium, and it didn’t take long for that tiny website to start the ball rolling on a journey that would lead it to become one of the leading forces for electronic music in the world. It continued to evolve into a company called Sound Alliance that would launch titles like FasterLouder, Same Same, and, over a decade later, Junkee and Punkee along with our parent company, Junkee Media.

But times change. Last year we rebranded FasterLouder to Music Junkee because we knew that the days of choosing just one genre were over, and the results have been amazingly encouraging. Music Junkee has grown into a unique voice in Australian music media and published many great pieces of content, like ‘If Taylor Swift Wants To Address Her Bad Reputation, She Should Start By Condemning Donald Trump’, ‘How NLV Records Became One Of The Most Important Labels In Australia’, and ‘A Loving Look Back At The Madness That Was Short Stack’.

It’s no small irony that inthemix is now the legal age of the scene that it’s been covering for the past 18 years. Over those years inthemix has charted the undulating rise of electronic music, festivals, DJs, nightclubs and the entire culture that it spawned. We’ve documented the full history of inthemix in a long-form oral feature that celebrates the people, posts, and pride of place that it has in Australia’s music scene. Please take the time to remember all the good times here.

This change does not mean that we are giving up on electronic music. In fact, we’re pretty damn excited about where dance music is going, and we will continue to document the rise of seminal events like the Electronic Music Conference in Sydney, and the resurgence of music festivals in Australia.

What is changing is the way that we cover it. Dance music is now closely intertwined with popular music and culture, and so we’ll be covering the most interesting areas where music and culture collide. It will be a fresh take on a scene that we’ve loved and nurtured for almost two decades.

The editor that will be leading this new direction is Jules LeFevre. Jules has been working on Music Junkee since its launch (and FasterLouder and inthemix before that) and is fast establishing herself as one of the best music writers and editors in the country.

Music is a huge part of Junkee’s heritage and will always be a massive part of who we are. The only thing we are certain about the future is that we are going to continue to evolve.

Thank you to every person who has been a part of the inthemix story from the very beginning to now. It’s been an amazing ride and the people, connections, history, stories and legends will not be forgotten.

Thank you for the memories.

— inthemix