The Herald Sun Published This Cartoon And People Think It’s Just A Little Racist

"It’s pretty wild that a major Australian paper will run a cartoon that wouldn’t be out of place in a 19th century periodical."

Herald Sun Mark Knight

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A cartoon from Friday’s edition of Melbourne’s Herald Sun featuring caricatured, rioting African teens has been branded as racist.

Here’s the cartoon, drawn by award-winning cartoonist Mark Knight:

Mark Knight Cartoon

The cartoon pictures Victorian Labor MP Jacinta Allan standing on a train station. Behind her, African teens are fighting and causing destruction.

The cartoon is captioned “minister Jacinta Allan takes decisive action to keep the Victorian public safe… and bans Sky News on city stations.”

Allan was under fire this week after she announced that she would stop Sky News from broadcasting in Victorian train stations. She made the move after Sky presenter Adam Giles held an interview with far right ringleader Blair Cottrell.

Most didn’t have an issue with Knight criticising Allan — but they did think he went too far with his representation of African teens in the cartoon’s background.

“The racist vilification of Melburnians from the Herald Sun continues apace. Utterly shameful. STOP,” wrote Greens Melbourne City councillor Rohan Leppert on Twitter.

Others piled on:

In his long editorial cartoonist career, Knight hasn’t been a stranger to controversy. Way back in 1999, he published this cartoon:

Meg Lees Mark Knight

At the time, female politicians labelled the cartoon of senator Meg Lees (who was then leader of the Australian Democrats party) as sexist.

While Knight usually publishes his daily cartoons on his official Facebook and Twitter accounts, the Victoria train station cartoon was not on either account.