Honk Honk: Lizzo’s ‘Juice’ Is Now The Unofficial Anthem For ‘Untitled Goose Game’

Blame it on the goose.

Lizzo and Untitled Goose Game

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Lizzo is great. Untitled Goose Game, a new stealth title from Melbourne’s House House, is also great. So of course the exact intersection between these two things is a work of considerable art.

Lizzo, needless to say, has become something of a pop sensation over the last few months. First, she won acclaim for ‘Juice’, a bold pop anthem about feeling good. Quickly, that was followed up with a string of further hits, chief among them 2017’s ‘Truth Hurts’, which was given new life thanks to the internet.

In fact, the story of Untitled Goose Game has been similarly slow-burning and inspiring. An indie title partially funded by Film Victoria, the game where you play a terrible and mean goose first hit the public imagination two years ago. Since then, it has become a viral success, spawning fan art, tributes and mash-ups.

That, in fact, is where the whole Lizzo/Goose Game crossover comes from.

The brainchild of Polygon staffer Jeff Ramos, the video cuts footage of the goose being a thorough menace to the dulcet sounds of ‘Juice’.

It is, in fact, the kind of work of art that must immediately and aggressively be admired; a masterpiece which mere words cannot describe: