Frank Ocean Covered ‘Moon River’ So Excuse Us While We Drown In Our Own Tears

Frank Ocean

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Frank Ocean just couldn’t let Valentine’s Day go past without helping us all get laid/sob into our pillows.

Late on V Day in the US, the hopeless romantic dropped a cover of Henry Mancini and Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast At Tiffany’s tearjerker ‘Moon River’ onto his YouTube page. And well, it’s bloody beautiful.

He doesn’t depart wildly from the magic of the 1962 original, but instead spruces up the old guitars with some electricity and layer upon layer of harmonies. Listen and weep.

The track isn’t an official single and — at the moment — doesn’t appear to be related to any future releases. But we do know that Ocean has been sitting on a goldmine of new music for a while now, potentially an entire album’s worth.

Last November, Ocean wrote on Tumblr that he had written and recorded a whole new record — he just hadn’t put it out yet: “Well I️ made the album before 30. I just ain’t put that bitch out.”

He appeared to be referencing his old promise to put out five albums before he turned 30 years old, which he did last October. So there’s definitely plenty of music in the tank, we just have yet to hear it.

At this stage, we can only dream — and listen to ‘Moon River’ on repeat.