Flume Excitedly Playing The Saxophone Is The Joy We All Need Today

No one has ever been this happy.

Flume saxophone photo

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It’s hard to find universal truths to hold onto these days, what with the constant screams of Fake News and social networking platforms refusing to crack down on the spread of disinformation. But there is one truth we can cling to in these times, and that is that nobody has ever looked as joyful as Flume playing the saxophone with a group of horn players.

The Sydney producer “dusted off the old horn” last week and joined German drum and horn crew MEUTE on stage in Belgium’s Studio Brussel to perform their version of his track ‘Rushing Back’. MEUTE have covered Flume before: their rendition of his ‘You & Me’ remix shot them to fame back in 2018.

With a gigantic grin plastered across his face, Flume faithfully honked his way through the track in front of a wildly excited studio audience. He’s no stranger to the horn of course — back in his Mosman High School days he would spend lunchtimes jamming with none other than Gang of Youths’ Dave Le’aupepe.

“He’s an amazing sax player…Anyone who ever accuses electronic musicians of not being musicians needs to think about Harley, because the guy can actually play a lot of stuff — sax, keys. He’s really gifted,” Le’aupepe told triple j’s Ben and Liam last year, after revealing the two were mates.

Clearly, Flume still loves a bit of brass — watch the clip below, and feel the happiness spread.