The Elon Musk, Grimes And Azealia Banks Saga Just Escalated

Things just got legal.

Azealia Banks, Grimes and Elon Musk

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We may now have some scientific evidence that we’re likely all living in a simulation, but for us, the proof that reality is an illusion last year, thanks to the utter cluster-fuck around Elon Musk, Grimes and Azealia Banks. And it’s still going.

If you need a refresher, Banks spent a weekend last August in Musk’s Bel Air mansion after Grimes invited her over to work on music for Banks’ ever-impending Fantasy II mixtape.

Things quickly fell apart when Grimes ignored Banks to temper Musk, who was freaking out after allegedly Tweeting while on acid about selling Tesla shares for $420 a pop — a move which might’ve jeopardised the company completely, as it arguably breaks several laws around influencing the stock market.

We learnt all this from Banks, who live-tweeted out her frustration while she waited around at Musk’s house for “days”, and suggested she was only invited over for “some weird threesome sex shit”.

There were a lot of insults thrown around too, as well as allegations that Musk tried to take Banks’ phone, and leaked text messages between Banks and Grimes about Musk’s big dick. Oh, and how Russians want to kill Musk.

In short, no music was made, but a lot of trouble was — trouble that continues into 2019. Business Insider is reporting that Grimes and Banks have both been issued subpoenas by a California federal court in a case where Tesla investors are suing Musk over his Tweet. The lawsuit claims Musk’s tweet lost them “hundreds of millions of dollars”.

By the subpoena, Grimes and Banks can’t destroy any documents that could be considered evidence — that’d include any texts the two shared. They were also both witnesses to the aftermath of the Tweet, when Musk allegedly panicked and called a variety of investors to ‘scrounge’ for investors, as Banks claimed.

Back in August, Banks apologised to Musk in an open-letter for blowing up his life. Grimes took time off social media after the fateful weekend, but returned shortly before dropping ‘We Appreciate Power’, the nu-metal-leaning lead single off her upcoming fifth album. Banks recently dropped a three-song Christmas EP, Icy Colours Change.