It’s Time We Agree That Elektra Shock Is The Best Part Of ‘Drag Race Down Under’

We love a queen who understands consent.

elektra shock drag race down under

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Five episodes into Drag Race Down Under, and with the finale soon approaching, I think we can all agree the season has been pretty underwhelming.

Between the low-quality production and horrible attempts at incorporating “celebrity guests”, the clear favouritism at play, some questionable Snatch Game performances, and an unfortunate reminder that Australia has a serious blackface problem, it sure has been a wild way to introduce the world to the Down Under drag scene.

However, there have also been some positives to come out of the series. There has been, of course, the celebration of Australian humour and our love for swearing, the iconic shoey making its way onto international screens, and the long-awaited Drag Race Kylie Minogue cameo.

But the best part about Drag Race Down Under is easily series underdog, Elektra Shock.

Elektra Shock, The Down Under Underdog

In the first episode of Drag Race Down Under, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you thought that Elektra Shock would be the first to go home.

From the second she walked into the werkroom with her two bosses — Anita Wigl’it and Kita Mean — on the scene, jokes about her still being on the clock were thrown around. Plus, Elektra’s entrance look was rough and none of the other queens really knew her beyond her employers.

This energy only got worse when the judges noted how basic Elektra’s drag looked, which landed her in the bottom during the first episode — and again in the second. But after slaying and surviving two lip syncs, Elektra solidified her position as Down Under’s lip-sync assassin.

I mean, seriously. No gimmicky Ru-veals? Some of the smoothest splits seen in the entire franchise? Actually, feeling the song and singing the lyrics? Genuine excitement from Ru up on the judge’s panel?

Elektra Shock’s ‘Tragedy’ lip sync was easily better than every single one from the Season 13 finale. And after her first lip sync, she only got stronger.

While Elektra Shock might not have the most polished looks in the world, she makes up for it in character and talent — much like Tia Kofi did during Season 2 of Drag Race UK.

The problem is Elektra is merely a victim of bad judging and clear favouritism. She is a good drag queen, and most people seem to forget that she placed second in the second season of House of Drag, the New Zealand drag show based on Drag Race. 

Take Snatch Game, for example. Elektra did a pretty damn good Moira Rose from Schitt’s Creek impression when you compare her performance to some of the other “safe” queens — a horrific Dr Suess, an unfunny Magda Szubanksi and a Dolly Parton with barely any Dolly at all. And yet, Elektra only narrowly avoided the bottom two.

Similarly, during the girl group challenge, Elektra Shock was punished for… being too good? After winning her second (!!) mini-challenge, Elektra became team captain and choreographer for her uncoordinated troupe.

In the biggest case of Rigga Morris, despite killing her verse and all the moves that went along with it, Elektra unjustly landed in the bottom for “showcasing herself” and being the Béyonce of her group? OK, and as she should in a competition where you need to be better than everyone else???

Regardless, Elektra lip synced her ass off and the second time in the bottom lit a fire under her ass and her determination was clear. She listened to critiques and she fought. In Episode 4, Elektra took all of Scarlet’s insults about her drag essentially being “glitter on a turd” and channelled it back into her art and come Episode 5, she rightfully took out the maxi-challenge.

As the person who came most prepared for her yeast spread ad, and by ensuring that her outfit looked better than anything she had presented before, Elektra solidified her place in the competition.

Plus, as the only one to represent Māori culture with her ‘Hometown Look’ runway, and as the one queen who actually asked the Pit Crew for consent before pretending to suck them off on international TV, Elektra Shock solidified her place in the hearts of viewers across the globe.

While she may not have the greatest wardrobe or the most hydrated wigs or the best mug on Drag Race Down Under, Elektra has heart, wit, and character making her the most redeeming part of the series.

Oh, and Elektra Shock is also unproblematic, so that already makes her better than at least 33.3 percent of the contestants who are still on the show with her.

Drag Race Down Under is exclusively streaming on Stan. 

Michelle Rennex is a senior writer at Junkee and newly-converted Elektra Shock stan. She tweets at @michellerennex.