Everyone Is Roasting Donald Trump After The Queen Seemingly Had To Teach Him How To Walk

This should not be her job.

Donald Trump The Queen

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US President Donald Trump is in the UK at the moment, and on Friday he met with Queen Elizabeth for a spot of tea. And if you’re guessing this story is about how he made a colossal moron of himself during the encounter, then you are absolutely correct.

Trump met with the British monarch at Windsor Castle, and together they took a walk around the grounds. Now I use the word “walk” loosely, since based on this footage that’s apparently not a thing he knows how to do.

Does Donald Trump actually not know how to walk?

Of course not.

But is it extremely funny watching everyone roast him for it anyway?

Absolutely it is.

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets of London to protest Trump’s visit. And boy, did they have some very good, very British signs.