Everyone Is Trolling Donald Trump With Memes About The Count From ‘Sesame Street’

Well, Donald Trump and Count von Count from 'Sesame Street' beefing is not what I had on my 2020 bingo card.

donald trump stop the count

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Going on three days into the US Election, the world is on the edge of their seats still waiting to find out who the next president will be.

Despite polls officially closing on November 3, additional time was needed to count the millions of mail-in votes that had yet to be processed. Now only six key states — Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona and Alaska — need to officially declare their winners for either Joe Biden or Donald Trump to claim the win.

With the polls showing a very likely Biden win, Trump is expectedly furious and is calling for a stop of the count as the democrats are allegedly trying to “steal” the election.

Trump has come to this conclusion because he lost his lead in some key swing states after mail-in votes started getting tallied.

Instead of using a little bit of logic, Trump instead immediately declared that these millions of absentee ballots were all fraudulent — and even threatened to take the election outcome to Supreme Court. In his latest address to the nation, Trump also noted that it was “amazing how these mail-in ballots are all one-sided”.

However this conclusion totally ignores that, for months, Trump has urged his supporters to only vote in-person after trying to convince them that absentee ballots were a “whole big scam”. Obviously, Biden voters knew this wasn’t the case and, because of coronavirus, decided to vote ahead of the election, which logically explains the significant number of blue votes.

Honestly, Trump’s desperation to stop the count now makes very little sense as if the count was stopped right now, Biden would literally win the presidency with his current 264 to 214 electoral votes. Regardless, this hasn’t stopped republicans storming vote tally locations and chanting “STOP THE COUNT!“, while democrats have done the opposite by pleading for locations to ‘count every vote‘.

Meanwhile, as all this protesting transpires, Count von Count from Sesame Street is just feeling quite attacked by it all.

With Trump continuing to ramble on about voter fraud, people with the ability to use their brains have flipped ‘stop the count’ back onto Trump. Flooding his replies with images of The Count from Sesame Street, memes about Count von Count, which take the piss out of Trump’s fixation on the mail-in ballots, are popping up all over the place.

While Sesame Street haven’t actually released an official statement about Trump or said anything in support of Count von Count, the kid’s show has a history of dragging him — not once, not twice but three separate times over a 17 year span.

Sesame Street actually introduced a satirical character onto the street called ‘Ronald Grump’. Featuring the faux Donald Trump in both human and muppet form, Sesame Street paints ‘Ronald Grump’ as a money-hungry gentrifier determined to demolish the street to build the ‘Grump Tower’ both times.

In the 1988 version, Ronald Grump appears as a muppet builder, who offers Oscar the Grouch free housing and a little bit of trash in exchange for being able to build Grump Tower where Oscar’s trashcan sits.

After agreeing to the deal, Oscar decides he wants his old home back when he finds out he can’t keep his pets. In exchange for the location back, Ronald Grump demands 40 bags of trash from Oscar, which he cannot afford so the adults have to get involved and run Grump out of town.

Then, in 1994, the human ‘Ronald Grump’ goes through a similar thing but abandons his development plans after realising that Oscar the Grouch’s trash can is city property and the furry monster refuses to move.

As a little bonus fuck you to Trump, Sesame Street actually also ran a mock Apprentice in 2005, too. In this parody, muppet Grump (now wearing a bright orange wig) returns to Sesame Street in search of an apprentice

“I’m Donald Grump, and I have more trash than all of you. I got so much trash, I need someone to help me sort,” Grump tells the participants of ‘Grouch Apprentice‘. As the residents of Sesame Street begin to work on all the trash tests, Elmo wins the job but is immediately fired for being “too good”.

“I’m a Grouch! I can’t have a good helper! I got my reputation to think of,” Grump says. “Scram! You’re fired.”

So yeah, Sesame Street for president in 2024, I guess.