Coachella Has Been Postponed Due To Coronavirus Concerns

The announcement follows weeks of speculation.

Coachella Live Stream Schedule

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The 2020 iteration of Coachella festival has been delayed due to the international spread of coronavirus.

Rumours had swirled that the festival was due to be cancelled for a number of weeks. After all, other high-profile American festivals had already bowed out, most notably SXSW. Moreover, three cases of coronavirus were announced in the Coachella region over the weekend, fuelling fears that the area might be gripped by an outbreak of the disease.

According to festival organisers, the event will now be pushed back to the weekend beginning October 9, and the weekend beginning October 16. That mirrors the fate of the new James Bond film, No Time To Die, which was also pushed back six months over concerns about the spread of the sickness.

The Coachella delay is significant, however. It is the first time in the festival’s eighteen-year history that it has ever been held up or delayed. According to organisers, the line-up will remain the same, despite the delay.

Coronavirus continues to spread around the world, with Italy announcing a total lockdown on all movement in the country. So far, no festivals in Australia have been cancelled or postponed because of the virus.

Read the full statement from Coachella below.

Photo Credit: Coachella Music Festival Facebook