The Internet Is Awash With Memes About Chance The Rapper Loving His Wife

*Borat voice*

Chance The Rapper

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After years spent drip-feeding the public acclaimed mixtapes, Chance The Rapper finally dropped his debut album, The Big Day, this July. And the reception has been, uh, let’s call it mixed.

For the most part, critics have derided the record. Youtube’s Anthony Fantano gave it a rare zero out of ten score, Pitchfork called it “sprawling” but glib, and even the usually giddy Rolling Stone called its pleasures occasional.

It’s not just the critics who don’t vibe with the album either. Many Chance fans feel disappointed by its corny rhymes, and generally upbeat and child-like rhythms. Its Google Ratings score currently stands at 66%, which is pretty woeful for such an anticipated record from such a considerable star.

To be fair, at least one positive has come from the record — the internet is now awash with excellent Chance The Rapper-inspired “My Wife” memes.

See, The Big Day is a quasi-concept record, centred around Chance’s marriage. It’s stuffed with references to his wife — how beautiful she is, how much he loves her, how she ‘saved’ him. While his contemporaries are out there releasing complicated, spiky records about living in the modern world, Chance is boasting about his marital bliss.

Within moments of the album dropping, Twitter picked up on the theme. Before long, for every tweet there was criticising the record, there was another shoehorning Chance into a wife meme, creating this beautiful deluge of criticism and lopsided humour.

Feast your eyes on some of the best jokes:

Hell, even Chance himself has gotten in on the action, engaging with the meme via a brief tweet.

I mean, it’s not entirely surprising that this is the way that Chance has decided to spin the narrative. I guess refocusing the attention onto a lighthearted and amusing meme is probably preferable to trawling through all those negative reviews?