This Canadian MP Recited An Anti-Weed Poem And Please God Make It Stop

This is agony.

Marilyn Gladu Canadian Weed Poem

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Just went you thought Bob Katter’s marriage equality crocodile spiel was the strangest political outburst of 2017, a member of the Canadian House of Commons has gone and blown him out of the water.

The Canadian parliament is currently debating a bill to legalise marijuana. The legislation has the support of the ruling Liberal Party, but is opposed by the Conservatives. One of its most vocal opponents is Conservative MP Marilyn Gladu, who has previously argued the law could turn children into drug mules.

On Friday Gladu doubled down on her criticism of the bill in the form of a poem. And it is… really something.

Gladu’s poem caused Canadians to feel deep shame. As well it should have.