Calvin Harris Reckons 2018’s EDM Scene Is Too “Sad” And “Slow”

"It doesn’t have anything in common with the music I love to make."

Calvin Harris

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Calvin Harris — incredibly wealthy DJ and producer, underwear model — will always be associated with EDM: some of his biggest hits back at the start of the decade were monumental into spreading the genre to the masses. But it seems he wants to sever those ties.

In a recent impromptu mini-AMA on Twitter, Harris was asked by a fan if he’d ever return to EDM: his last album Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 was indebted to disco and … funk (duh), while this year’s huge singles ‘One Kiss’ and ‘Promises’, have leant into ’90s house.

In response, Harris was pretty candid, saying that EDM “doesn’t have anything in common with the music I love to make.”

“EDM has been sad, slow songs for years now,” he wrote. “Doesn’t have anything in common with the music I love to make. 2010-2014 EDM was more house influenced to me. Anyway now I’m out the bubble and making big records with amazing singers that sound like house music to me.”

Some didn’t appreciate Harris’ comments — one user accused the world’s highest paid DJ of chasing coin.

“Just say you sold out,” they wrote. “You wouldn’t be doing what you’re doing if you didn’t blow up. I don’t think old Calvin would be collabing with random rappers and such. Its not that EDM sucks its that you’ve clearly gone for an approach with less risk and more gain.”

Harris, as all good DJs do, clapped back. “Mad that you would think you know anything about my career or mind,” he wrote. “My first ever vinyl I pressed myself in 2004 had a rapper on it. I’m doing what I’m doing because I love doing it.”