Buttercup Beats Up A Men’s Rights Activist In The First Clip For The New ‘Powerpuff Girls’


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Like any kid with a brain and access to Cartoon Network in the ’90s, I always loved The Powerpuff Girls. But I did have trouble identifying with any one of the main characters.

Bubbles (the Baby Spice of the crew) drew me in with her sensitivity and compassion, but I found her naivety frustrating. Buttercup (the obvious Sporty Spice) was tough and cool, but she was also a hothead; too aggressive and overbearing for my dorky nine-year-old self to relate to entirely. Then there was Blossom. Though she may have been the obvious choice as a compromise between the two, she was also bossy and boring. There were already too many Blossoms in this world.

Now, after seeing one of them magnificently belt the crap out of a bearded flannelette villain who wants to take Townsville “back to its manly roots”, I have finally decided. I’ve come to understand Buttercup’s anger.

Released overnight, this clip is the first we’ve seen from the new Powerpuff Girls reboot which was first announced in 2014. After being off-air for the past 12 years (aside from a ten-year anniversary special starring Ringo Starr), the show will feature new voices for the main characters with young relatively unknown actors Amana Leighton, Kristen Li and Natalie Palamides taking over Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup respectively.

However, that looks like the only thing that’s changing. The animation is still roughly what we remember, the feminist messages are all there, and Buttercup is still as cool as ever.

The first episode of The Powerpuff Girls called ‘I Am Not A Princess’ will air within the next few months.