A Bunnings Parody Offering A ‘Karen Kit’ For A Low, Low Price Is Taking Over TikTok

It offers a range of new producers for the anti-mask campaigner in your life.

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As we settle into the new reality that has emerged alongside the second wave of coronavirus, a new frontline has been established in the imagined war between anti-mask conspiracy theorists and the remaining sensible society: Bunnings Warehouse.

Already a nationwide icon for its low prices on everything from shovels to snags, the hardware store has been applauded in recent days for the way its employees have stood up to disgruntled “sovereign citizens” who are antagonising staff there to make a point about human rights. Makes sense.

We’re not wasting any more time on the nonsense being spouted by ‘Bunnings Karen‘, but we are enjoying the memes of people mocking her.

For once, both sides of the political spectrum can agree on one thing — the hallowed hallways of your local Bunnings should be a safe space. You do not disrespect the place that takes the beautiful harmony of sausages and bread, and makes it accessible to the masses.

Anyway, moving right along.

As everything does in time, the memes spread to TikTok where user Zach Mander posted this brilliant parody ad that came complete with a low price guarantee.

“Yeah people are always coming into Bunnings looking for supplies, or advice, or wanting to start a debate about what constitutes a human rights violation,” Zach says, before introducing a range of brand new products designed to help with this.

The ‘Karen Kit’ is just the beginning — a copy of Pandemics For Dummies is also up for grabs, as is an exciting new line of tin foil hats.

If the Bunnings marketing team are reading, maybe it’s worth taking into consideration.