Brown Cardigan Have Launched A New Animated Series Featuring Some Of Your Fave Musos

Your fave site for sore eyes rings in Flex Mami and Ruby Fields for a 'Strayan celebration.

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Everyone’s favourite site for sore eyes Brown Cardigan has launched a new animated series, Birdz of Australia. 

The series is a collab with Struthless Studios, and according to the presser, is set to focus the birds of Australia we all know and love — meaning…”old mate next door, your best mates, your worst mates, that sticky-beaker at your local and the loudest squarker on your socials.”

The presser promises that we’ll get to meet a whole boatload of classic characters, from influencers (as the peacocks), emo kookaburras, some loud-mouthed lorikeets, some alpha-male real estate agent mynas, and some fucking swoopy magpies. Given how chaotic Brown Cardigan is at the best of times, it’ll probably be a wonderful, hot mess full of eshays.

Better yet, Brown Cardigan have brought on a sick cast to voice the characters, including ‘Dinosaurs’ hitmaker Ruby Fields, Triple One’s Marty Bugatti, DJ and renaissance woman Flex Mami, and singer Graace, who you might know from her single ‘You Do You’ or her work on Hayden James’ ‘Numb’. Fat Pizza‘s Rob Shehadie and Tahir Bilgic are also on board.

The first episode has already dropped, and features the lorikeets (that is, Fat Pizza) threatening to smash up a real estate agent for being a shifty dude. Check it out below.


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