The Internet’s Unearthed Britney Spears’ ‘Toxic’ Without Auto-Tune

... Better than the original?

Britney Spears

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If you had any doubt over the musical skill of pop singer, Instagram legend, and overall queen Britney Spears, prepare to be convinced. A leaked version of her 2003 hit ‘Toxic’ without auto-tune has been uploaded to YouTube this week.

It’s now spreading all over the internet and getting showered with praise.

Of course, true fans don’t need this kind of proof of Britney’s musical abilities. Though she’s well known for a few lip sync mess-ups — the most recent of which came just this week — Britney’s more than earned her place in the pop hall of fame.

Britney’s been in the game for more than two decades. She was one of the most successful female vocalists of the 2000s, and she’s still releasing new music and selling out world-wide stadium tours. Her latest album, Glory, was released last year, and she’s currently on tour in Asia before heading back to Las Vegas.

Here’s the original track for ‘Toxic’ with full auto-tune and backing vocals, because hey, auto-tune can be fun and this is a sick song:

Happy Wednesday.