Superheroes Get Sweary In The Trailer For ‘The Boys’, A New Show From Seth Rogen

Come for the baby with laser eyes, stay for the disastrous pegging session.

Karl Urban in the trailer for The Boys, a new show from Seth Rogen

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At this late stage in the total takeover of pop culture by superhero properties, it’s easy to feel like you’ve seen it all. But trust me, you’ve never seen anything like The Boys, a distinctly unhinged take on comic book culture from Seth Rogen.

Hard to know where to start with this one, to be honest, but let’s just dive right in: The Boys began its life as a comic book by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. Ennis, for the unitiated, is the comic world’s last true counter-cultural madman, known for the vitriolic, heretical nonsense of Preacher and pushing beloved-yet-feared character The Punisher into an even more unhinged direction.

But it was into The Boys that Ennis poured all of his seediest material, crafting a superhero comic closer to a Marvel snuff porn parody than anything you’re used to seeing.

Now, in adapting The Boys to the screen, looks like Rogen has kept every salacious inch of the source text intact.

Probably need a bit of time to process what you’ve just seen, to be honest.

Yes, that trailer does contain a shot of someone using a baby with laser eyes as a gun. Yes, there is a scene where a man with stretchy arms chokes someome from across the room. Yes, a superhero with the ability to shrink down does indeed hop into someone’s vagina, Ant Man eat your heart out. And yes, there is a scene where a pegging experience goes disastrously wrong.

The series was developed by Rogen, his producing partner Evan Goldberg and Eric Kripke, one of the geniuses behind Supernatural. The cast is stacked, too — everyone from Gossip Girl‘s Chace Crawford to New Zealand’s Karl Urban appear.

The whole thing drops on Amazon Prime on July 26 of this very year, so prepare your barf bags for then.