Border Force Boss Roman Quaedvlieg Has Finally Been Sacked For Inappropriate Conduct

The investigation took ten months, during which time he was paid over $500,000.

border force

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The head of the Australian Border Force, Roman Quaedvlieg, has finally been sacked after an extremely long review found that yeah, it was inappropriate for him to use his position to help his girlfriend get a job.

The investigation into Quaedvlieg began in May 2017 in response to allegations that he failed to disclose his relationship with a woman who then got a job as a Border Force passport scanner. Quaedvlieg, who denied the allegations, was on leave for the duration of the ten month investigation, and was paid more than $500,000 by the Border Force for doing absolutely nothing during that time.

Today, though, the government released a statement confirming that “Mr Quaedvlieg acted at particular times to modify policies relevant to recruitment processes so as to advantage, at least in substantive part, a particular candidate”.

“Additionally, he engaged in acts, and made omissions, which materially advantaged that candidate over comparable candidates for ABF employment, and on that basis his conduct also amounted to misbehaviour.”

The statement also noted that Quaedvlieg failed to disclose a significant change in his personal life within a reasonable time period, and made a “wilfully or recklessly false statement” to the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection about it. In short, he lied about his misconduct, and now he’s paying the price. I mean, sort of. He still has the $500,000.

Quaedvlieg, for his part, still denies he did anything wrong, and says he will “now take some time to fully consider my options”. He should have plenty of time for that.