This Politician Is Very Mad At Gay People For Stealing The Word “Gay”

It's a conspiracy.

Bob Katter Gay Marriage Equality

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Federal MP Bob Katter is angry. He’s angry at the homosexuals who conspired to steal the word ‘gay’. He’s angry, and now he wants it back.

“I have a very clear idea of what is going on here: the homosexuals in Australia, they took the word ‘gay’,” the independent MP told Sky News last night, thus immediately demonstrating that he actually has no idea what is going on here at all.

Katter went on to explain that the word ‘gay’ holds special meaning for him because he “got 84 percent in English, in matriculation, which was a very, very high mark indeed.”

Wait… what?

Why Is Bob So Upset?

Apparently Katter is upset because he really likes the 18th century poem The Rape of the Lock, which he studied for his university entrance exam. In the poem, the word ‘gay’ is used to mean ‘happy’.

“It was the most beautiful word in the English language,” Katter insisted.

But Katter says the word has been ruined by the LGBTIQ+ community, who he says decided “we will take that word and we will have it”.

It’s not really clear why Katter is suddenly feeling so worked up about th—

“They’ve got this thing called marriage, the other mob, we will take that too”.

Oh right, there it is.

“What else are they going to take?” Katter asked. “Are they going to take our freedom to say we don’t approve of what you are doing?”

“They are taking [marriage] away from us, the same as the most beautiful word in the English language was taken away from all of us.”

Keep in mind that Katter once said that there were no gay people in northern Queensland, so you should probably ignore literally anything he has to say on the issue.

P.S. if you want to put Katter in his place, make sure you’re properly enrolled to vote in the marriage equality survey.

h/t The Australian