Beyonce And Ed Sheeran’s Contrasting Outfit Choices Are Now Obviously A Huge Meme

A Tale Of Two Outfits.

Beyonce Ed Sheeran Ouotfits

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When two separate but equally huge celebrity artists collab on stage it’s always a huge deal. So when our True Lord and Saviour Beyonce jumped up on stage with the inexplicably popular ginger crooner Ed Sheeran, we knew the internet would lose its god damn mind. But honestly, not like this.

Queen Bey and Sheerio took to the stage at the Global Citizen Festival: Mandela 100 in Johannesburg, South Africa earlier this week to perform their sometimes-duet ‘Perfect’.

Obviously, the song went great and everyone cheered and Nelson Mandela appeared in a giant cloud above the stadium smiling or whatever — but that’s not what we’re here to talk about. We’re here to talk about FASHION honey. Watch the performance if you must below but then let’s get into the real business.

Beyonce, of course, looks utterly incredible in her big floofy pink ensemble. Then again, it is physically impossible for her to look bad, as I assume science has now proven. In this piece, Bey is at once feminine and powerful, sensual and strong and I would pay one million dollars to simply touch its hem.

Your mate Ed though looks like he just woke up on his weed dealer’s couch after a marathon video games and bongs session.

Your boy Ed Sheeran out here looking like a beige 14-year-old going to the mall in 2006.

Ed Sheeran, your fave, straight up looking like a middle-aged church minister trying to dress cool to impress the teens at the Youth Week summit. Ok, I’ll stop, but he looks like trash, people!

I’m not alone in my disdain for the stark divide between the sartorial choices of these two superstars with the internet doing what it does best and going FULL MEME on it all.

Whilst most of us were having a good ol’ laugh at how funny it is that these two outfits look different, many went hard on the whole “this speaks volumes about gender” thing. Which, I mean, sure but it’s also just two insanely wealthy people wearing clothes?

I think this tweet sums it all up, to be honest: