“Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself”: Hilltop Hoods Just Went There In Their ARIAs Acceptance Speech

Well, that was unexpected.

Hilltop Hoods at 2019 ARIAs

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Hilltop Hoods just won the first award of the 2019 ARIAs night, taking the opportunity to shout out all those who helped them get where they are today — and also remind us all that Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘suicide’ was incredibly suspicious.

The trio won an ARIA for Best Live Act, off the back of their massive The Great Expanse World Tour — so massive, in fact, that they’re only in the country for the awards before flying back out tomorrow to continue performing in Canada.

And Suffa took his time on the mic seriously, running through his final thank yous before getting into his three most important points: “Thanks to our wives, our children, and Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself.”

In case you’re not across it, the phrase became a meme online after disgraced figure and child sex trafficking-ring organiser Epstein was found dead in a jail cell in August, after agreeing to name other wealthy people involved in the ring.

Conspiracy theories exploded, with everyone from Foster The People to US Congressmen and reputable journalists agreeing the death wasn’t a suicide. There’s even Christmas merch.

Suffa’s drop of the conspiracy meme shocked the live tweeters in the audience, as well as home viewers — it was a surprise to see it reach the Channel 9 broadcast.

The truth is out there. Hilltop Hoods will perform later in the night to show why they won their ARIA for Best Live Act: who knows if they’ll make a further statement.

Feature image by Brayden Smith for ARIAs Awards.