Andy Samberg Goes Full Lance Armstrong In HBO’s Cycling Mockumentary ‘Tour De Pharmacy’

And somehow, they got the actual Armstrong to participate as well.

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After taking the piss out of professional tennis players in 2015’s Seven Days in Hell, Andy Samberg has set his sights on the drug-addled world of bike racing with his new HBO mockumentary Tour de Pharmacy.

According to an official synopsis, the TV film chronicles the 1982 Tour de France, “a dark and fictitious time in cycling history” that was marred “by the doping of virtually all of its competitors”. Written by Girls scribe Murray Miller, the special stars Samberg alongside Orlando Bloom, John Cena, Freddie Highmore, Dolph Lundgren, Jeff Goldblum, Kevin Bacon, Mike Tyson and Lance Armstrong.

Yes, that Lance Armstrong. No, I don’t know how they convinced him to participate either.

Tour de Pharmacy will air in the US on HBO on July 8.